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There are various ways to get attention from collegiate coaches. The collegiate coaches only monitor the progress and times of the kids within or near their state, therefore as a New Zealand swimmer you will need to make the first move to engage the coaches’ attention. Below are four methods for international students who are trying to contact collegiate coaches.

1)      There are a few representatives within Australia and New Zealand, who for a fee, will represent and disperse the swimmer’s information to a multitude of coaches around the United States. This method will almost always return a result due to the representatives having relationships with some coaches already. They also understand the system and help with all aspects from finding a school to actually getting to the school.

2)      There are websites all around where you input information about yourself, including times and academic standing, and coaches are able to search through the database of promising athletes and reach out to them. See the list of reruitment websites below. Others can be found through Google.

3)      Another route is to personally reach out to schools that the swimmer is interested in. Many US swimmers will do this, and normally just involves emailing the assistant or head-coach and may include filling out a recruit questionnaire. The coach will reply whether or not they’re interested. It pays to check the times that members of the team already swim and email if you truly see yourself having a spot on the team.

4)      The last route is to contact swimmers you already know in programmes. Coaches tend to have a lot of success with international athletes and would be interested in attaining more that are from the same countries. This also has the added benefit of being able to find out what the school and programme is like prior to committing.

Scholarship is dependent on many factors and you may not be eligible for a full scholarship even if you’re the fastest on the team. A set of rules govern the amount given per division, and then more rules govern it based on gender. Ultimately the school will decide how much the team has, and then the coach allocates it among 20-30 swimmers however they would like.

American Embassy Contact

Aime T Black
Education Officer
Ph: 04 4626088
M: 0211931221

Kiwi Athletes Agency

Ellen Quirke
Athletic Agent
+64 27383 2107

Recruitment Websites for Swimming Scholarships in America