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Additional Information for the upcoming AGM

Here are the additional documents that have previously been sent to clubs for the AGM being held on Thursday 19th September.

Our 2018/19 Annual Report

Our reviewed 2018/19 Annual Financial Statements

Nominations for Board Members.
4 correctly completed nominations were received by the close-off time for the 4 vacant positions so an election will not be required but the meeting will vote to confirm the appointments. The nominations are –

Nominations for the Awards Committee

There has only been one nomination for the Awards Committee so a vote is not required. The meeting will be asked to approve the appointment of Viv Morton to the Awards Committee and confirm that committee for the next year.

Nominations for the Selectors Panel

There have been no nominations for the position of Selector. That being the case, the meeting will be asked to reconfirm Colin Sasse and Robyn Prior as selectors for the next year. The incoming board will work with the Selector Panel to identify and appoint a third selector.

The proposed July 2019 Swimming Wellington Constitution.
A resolution will be presented to the AGM to adopt the attached updated Regional Constitution.