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2020 Athlete Development Programme

2020 TID Squad
Name Age Club Coach
Amy McHardy 13 PIRATES Steve Francis
Danele Botha 13 SZR Frank Tourelle 
David Zhu 13 PCA Steven Zhu
Hannah Campbell 13 TAWA John Booth
James Church 13 CARTERTON Russell Geange
Lucy Abbott 13 PCA Nevill Sutton
Mitchell Heberley 13 SZR Frank Tourelle 
Naomi Cooper 13 TAWA John Booth
Sophie Sloan 13 PIRATES Steve Francis
Tayla Miles 13 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Thomas Waddington 13 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Thomas White 13 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Timothy Cherry 13 SZR Frank Tourelle 
2020 Rising Stars Squad
Name Age Club Coach
Amy Teekman 14 TAWA John Booth
Beatrice Fordham Duncan 15 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Bridget Allan 15 CARTERTON Russell Geange
Brooke Miles 15 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Estee Jacobs 14 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Finn Harland 14 PIRATES Steve Francis
Hannah Huria 14 RAUMATI Jon Winter
Molly Player 14 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Neve Tassicker 14 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Pippa Nicol 15 CAPITAL Andre Kudaba
Sophie Buchanan 15 PIRATES Steve Francis
Tilly Dassanayake 15 PIRATES Steve Francis
2020 Performance Squad
Name Age Club Coach
Atakura Julian 18 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Bronagh Ryan 26 PCA Nevill Sutton
Bronson Lloyd 17 TAWA John Booth
Chelsey Edwards 18 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Georgia Wills 16 TAWA John Booth
Jack Plummer 16 RAUMATI Jon Winter
Jenna Rolston-Larking 16 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Joel Crampton 17 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Joseph Stewart 17 PIRATES Steve Francis
Laura Jones 16 PIRATES Steve Francis
Lewis Clareburt 20 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Orlando Cristobal-Mandel 16 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Ruby Heath 19 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Sam Brown 16 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood
Sophie Irving 16 CAPITAL Gary Hollywood

All selections for the above squads will be made in consultation with club coaches  and selectors who will have the final sign off on inclusion within the programme. 2019 Athlete Development Programme squad members will be considered for 2020 selection regardless of 2019 performances.

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