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2020 Swimming Wellington AGM

Our 2020 AGM is being held on Thursday 24th September at 7pm at Pelorus Trust Sports House
Here are the documents that have been released to clubs:
2019-20 Annual Financial Statements - reviewed and signed off by our reviewer

Nominations for Board Members

1 correctly completed nomination was received by the close-off time for the 3 vacant positions so an election will not be required but the meeting will vote to confirm the appointment. The nomination is –

Brigid Borlase, nominated by Pirates Swim Team

Nominations for Awards Committee members
There has only been one nomination for the Awards Committee so a vote is not required. The meeting will be asked to approve the appointment of Barbara Ryan to the Awards Committee and confirm that committee for the next year.


"The constitution is the same as the constitution tabled at last year's AGM, but with minor changes to reflect the matters discussed at the Members' Meeting held on 8 September. Both a clean version of the constitution, and a version indicating changes from the current constitution, are attached – together with the current one. Please bear in mind that in the comparison document some clauses can look as if they are incorrectly numbered. That is not the case in the clean document."

Voting on the adoption of the constitution will be via club voting representatives. Each will be asked to vote for or against the adoption and totalling of votes will be done via a spreadsheet displayed to the meeting. This vote will be via Special Resolution requiring a 2/3rd majority.