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October Update

“May you live in interesting times” – I thought this quotation might reflect some of what has
been happening over the past few weeks. I believed it was a Confucius saying but I thought I’d
better check anyway – turns out I was wrong – not Confucius – no evidence it’s even Chinese!!
Most likely coined by a UK politician in the late 19th century..…..

More importantly though, we have a path forwards from our “interesting times” with the SGM
announced for 23rd October, the nomination process for the board underway and nominations
arriving from some very capable people – who of course have some big shoes to fill – and the
prospect of a new board being elected that can return to looking forwards and outwards in a
relatively short space of time.

Angus, Cat and I have been trying to ensure that everything continues to happen for you as
smoothly as possible – I hope it has come across like that. We’re not perfect all the time but
we’re trying to be ??.

And there has been plenty of good news to celebrate –

* great performances by 6 Wellington swimmers at Short Course and Secondary Schools
delivered 14 regional age group records, and an open record for Chelsey Edwards in the
50m freestyle – beating Toni Jeffs’ 1992 time – big congratulations to each of them

* and with 81 swimmers at NZ Short Course, I wonder how many new Wellington and NZ
records we’ll set by the end of the championships. Looking good so far……

* Wellington City Council has recognised the benefit that NAGS brings to the city and is
financially supporting the Championships. We’re very grateful for that support and will
be doing all we can as the host region to ensure it’s a fantastic event. Seating plans to
accommodate the large number of swimmers and supporters are already being agreed
with WRAC to ensure we can fit everyone in.

Also -

* Angus has been busy working with the coaches on the plans for our 2019 Athlete
Development Programme. The framework and the senior squad will be announced
before the end of October. We’re seeking funding from Sport Wellington and charitable
trusts to help support this programme and reduce the costs for swimmers.

* We’ll be celebrating the achievements of our swimmers and officials at our Annual
Awards evening on Sat 10th November at 6pm. All details about this are on our Facebook

* We are working with SNZ and the database provider APT to try to get records to be
automatically identified by the database – all the times go into the system so it should
be possible for the database to generate the record information without clubs needing
to submit applications for recognition. I'll keep you updated on progress on this.

* I’m continuing to focus on a number of trust funding and sponsorship arrangements
that will help to support the initiatives we’re working on. We’re 3 months into the
current financial year and so far we’ve managed to secure funding approximately equal
to the whole of last year. Whilst it’s unlikely that we’ll be as successful in the next 9
months, we will definitely raise more. And the good thing is that it’s often easier to get
repeat money than to get it the first time so every win this year is a good chance for
next year – and that way we hope to progressively grow the income to be able to better
support our swimmers.

I really value your feedback

It’s really important that we get to hear about the things that are important to you. And whilst
it’s great to get the compliments, it’s probably more important to hear about the problems – or
just the things that could be done differently to make life easier for clubs and swimmers. I can’t
promise that we can do everything but we’ll do what we can.

Late breaking news….

Unfortunately Cat resigned yesterday. She’s been lured away to work in a marketing position at
the NZ Racing Board. Whilst I’m really sorry to see her go, this is a great opportunity for her and
we wish her every success for her new role. Cat has done great work for the region during her
time here – both in the office and on pool deck at regional and national meets. Her last day will
be Friday 26th October.

That's all for now - the clocks have changed and summer’s on the way. Long course season will
be on us before we know it.

Good swimming …….

Kind regards

Martyn Newman-Hall
General Manager – Swimming Wellington

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