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The Swimming Wellington 2021 Awards Evening will be held at Pelorus Trust Sports House, date and time TBC

Please provide nominations no later the Sunday 7th November for the below categories via the links provided:

Award Title Nominations Deadline
1 Club Of the Year 2021 7/11/21
2 Club Contributor of the Year 2021 7/11/21
3 Volunteer Coach of the Year 2021 7/11/21
4 Service Award 2021 7/11/21
5 Honours Award 2021 7/11/21
6 Life Membership 2021 7/11/21

Swimmer Awards to be selected and presented by the awards committee:
7 Opens Coach of the Year
8 Age Group Coach of the Year
9 Juniors Coach of the Year
10 Coach of the Year
11 Selectors Trophy
12 Swimmer with a Disability of the Year
13 Open Water Swimmer of the Year
14 Best Individual Performance of the Year
15 Junior Swimmer of the Year
16 Age Group Swimmer of the Year
17 Swimmer of the Year

*Invitations will be sent out to award winners