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Athlete Development Programme

Swimming Wellington Events pathway

Swimming Wellington provides a pathway in which swimmers can move from a recreational status through to competing at club meets and on to qualifying and swimming at regional and national meets.

Tiered structure allows swimmers to take part in a variety of different meets, dependent on ability and ambition. Clubs within the region provide a range of training and coaching options as well as covering the geographical sub-regions of Wellington and the Wairarapa.

Swimming Wellington Athlete Development Programme

Talent Identification, Rising stars and Performance squads created through regional selection criteria for 2019.

Once a swimmer has been targeted they will be included within a 1 year programme, to be reviewed annually (next review October 2019).

Club coaches will all be consulted within selection process, giving feedback on training schedules and attributes such as focus, commitment and athlete demeanour.

Talent Identification:

-        Knowledge share of athlete development/wellbeing.

-        Inclusion in Sport Wellington talent development programme.

-        Preparation for regional/national events through athlete development camps and workshops

-        Regional recognition of being within the early stages of a swimming career and will be automatically considered for rising stars squads once they become of age.

-        Considered to travel as a regional squad to neighbouring region.

Rising stars squad:

-        To be included in Performance squad workshops and camps.

-        Inclusion in Sport Wellington talent development programme.

-        Considered to travel with the Performance squad to an event within another region or overseas after evaluation of their development throughout the year.

Performance squad:

-        Workshops and camps relevant to senior athlete development

-        Tracking of national and regional performances.

-        Inclusion in Sport Wellington talent development programme.

-        Considered for representation within a regional squad at an event within another region or overseas.

SW Performance squad 2019
Name Age Club Coach
Lloyd, Bronson 15 Raumati Jon Winter
Irving, Sophie 15 Capital Gary Hollywood
Stewart, Joseph 16 Pirates Steve Francis
Borlase, Lucy 16 Pirates Steve Francis
Crampton, Joel 16 Capital Gary Hollywood
Julian, Atakura 17 Capital Gary Hollywood
Neal, Harrison 17 Capital Gary Hollywood
Heath, Ruby 18 Capital Gary Hollywood
Wilson, Thomas 18 Capital Gary Hollywood
Burns, Macy 18 Capital Gary Hollywood
Dorrington, George 18 Capital Gary Hollywood
Sasse, Richard 18 SwimZone Racing Frank Tourelle
Temomo, Tawhiti 20 Raumati Jon Winter
NZ selected athletes included within the Performance squad
Borlase, Julia 16 Pirates Steve Francis
Edwards, Chelsey 17 SwimZone Racing Frank Tourelle
Watkins, Thomas 18 Capital Gary Hollywood
Clareburt, Lewis 19 Capital Gary Hollywood
Moynihan, Rebecca 20 Raumati Jon Winter

Selection Criteria

Events Pathways

If a swimmer achieves a performance that is within a selection criteria during the 12 month programme, i.e. December 2018 – December 2019, they will be considered for inclusion within a squad after consultation with their club coach.

All selections for the above squads will be made in consultation with club coaches who will have the final sign off on inclusion within the programme. 2017 TiD swimmers were considered for selection regardless of 2018 performances.